My Model

What’s that chart about?

My model combines three different theories: the theory of 16 personality types based on Jung and subsequent work by Myers and Briggs; Drs. Berens and Nardi’s theory about Interaction styles; and Keirsey’s theory of Temperaments. It is the combination of these factors that provides an individual with their four letter identifier. I use the letter system for convenience, not preference. I hope, after several years of research, to have created a new system of identification, but until then I’ll be borrowing from Jung and his successors.

Though aspects of my work are very similar to the MBTI, they are different enough that the types will vary from their model to mine. This means that you may absolutely be typed correctly if you took the MBTI or a variation of it online, but it’s equally possible that my model will determine a different four letter identifier, and I will be happy to explain any differences!

Why is my model superior, you ask? I’ll tell you! It’s because this theory is comprehensive, extremely detailed, individualized in its administration, and accurate in its results. I’ve spent the last two years practicing the techniques, exploring results with participants, and continually testing for flaws, weaknesses, and any potential area of unreliability or invalidity. I will not include client testimonials here since they are easy to fudge and prove nothing, in my opinion, but for anyone who may doubt the process, results, or validity of what I do, I am happy to provide a reference upon request. I take great pride in the quality of my work because this is a service you are paying for, and you deserve the best I have to offer.

What will a personality assessment look like for me?

I utilize a dialogical approach, meaning that we have a conversation rather than conducting a paper-and-pen test. This conversation is a minimum of a half hour, and I’ll start by asking some fun, silly questions before delving more deeply into your life experiences, values, family, dreams, and anything that you feel is relevant to discuss. This conversation can be as personal as you like; I respect everyone’s privacy and strive to make your experience as fun, comfortable, and safe as possible! So while honesty is an integral part of the assessment process, I will not ask you to reveal anything that is overly personal or which makes you feel uncomfortable in any way; it is not necessary when determining type for me to ask you to share secrets or deep dark thoughts. Just be you and act like it’s a conversation with a friend and I’ll do the rest 🙂

Once the assessment is complete we will schedule a debrief to discuss your results. I may send you information regarding your results ahead of our meeting for you to review, and at the end of our consultation I will provide excerpts from my book for you to keep. I will also include a fuller, more detailed version of the chart above. Depending on how interested you are, there is up to 40 pages of informative and funny quote- and meme-filled content regarding your unique results that I would be happy to share for no extra charge, since my goal is to increase awareness and understanding.

Curious about what those results might look like? Check out a sample page below!