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What We Can Do Together:

Highlands Ability Battery

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is an assessment tool that objectively measures your natural abilities by asking you to perform specific tasks or exercises. As part of the Highlands Whole Person Model, the HAB is the foundation and starting point to identify the occupation best suited for you. It is administered as an online assessment which can be completed at your convenience.

Your natural abilities will then be charted and explained in customized reports designed to relate your pattern of abilities to align with performance, work and school environment, and career fit. Your Highlands Certified Consultant (that’s me!) will debrief the report with you in a 90 minute meeting to interpret the results and help you identify where and how those abilities can best be leveraged in your career journey.

Finally, resources and access to nationwide networks are provided to help you continue moving forward on your own if you do not wish to engage in continued coaching or consulting. Speaking from personal experience – having taken the HAB myself – these extensive and comprehensive resources are invaluable for any of us who have struggled or are currently struggling to find our place in the world and make the most of our abilities and passions.

MBTI and More

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – a tool used to determine your “personality type” – has become increasingly popular within mainstream America these last few years. We have seen a huge boom in the amount of content being posted and shared across many platforms: Youtube videos, Tumblr posts, Reddit submissions, personal blogs, and even TikTok! It has been proven to be widely applicable as a tool for self-growth and greater insight the minds and actions of others, and research has demonstrated decent reliability and validity.

It is a useful and informational tool, but like all personality tests there are limitations. To compensate for what is lacking, I practice a comprehensive, whole-person model, which includes the 16 “types”, but much more! I incorporate the celebrated work of others in the field, such as the work of Dr. Keirsey on “temperaments” and Drs. Berens and Nardi for their research and writing on “interaction styles”. What I bring to the table that is entirely unique is the use of dialogue as an assessment tool, rather than a self report survey.

See my “Personality” page for more info regarding my model, methods, and why it is more useful and far more effective than anything else you’ll find today for understanding yourself and others!

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